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19 03 2017

William McDonough – 7 Green Cities in China

19 martie 2017|design|1 Comentariu

Architect William McDonough practices green architecture on a massive scale. In a 20-year project, he is redesigning Ford's city-sized River Rouge truck plant and turning it into the Rust Belt's eco-poster child, with the world's largest "living roof" for reclaiming storm runoff. He has created buildings that produce more energy and clean water than they

15 03 2017


15 martie 2017|Ce filme a mai vazut Alex?|0 Comentarii

Astazi pe un site am dat de Spin, un scurt-metraj care mi-a adus aminte de filmul The Butterfly Effect. Se zice ca Spin ar fi castigat 35 de premii la festivalurile de film. Nu stiu ... chiar daca nu le-ar fi castigat ... MERITA macar 30 :) Mai multe despre film aici.

25 01 2015

Reclame Timisoreana

25 ianuarie 2015|reclama, TV|0 Comentarii

Este prima reclama la bere (facuta de o agentie din Ro) care mi-a produs fiori pe sira spinarii atunci cand am ascultat-o (!) ... Da, am ascultat-o prima data. Fiind prea preocupat de munca, nu mi-am putut arunca ochii la TV :) Mi-au mai placut si astea :D

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I am a professional designer working in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator and also a programmer in Microsoft Access with VBA and SQL Server. I have worked for the last 20 years in this businesses.

I am also a good WordPress developer (more than 10 years on managing my 10+ WordPress sites and clients’ websites as well).

I follow deadlines very well (they are an essential part of my job).

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