Covid-19 Supplies Tracking Database

The COVID-19 Supplies Database comes pre-loaded with the items needed to fight this pandemic, (you can add your own as well). It’s based on Microsoft Access so you can use it anywhere without an Internet connection: inside a mobile hospital, basement or closets. You are welcome to use it free of charge and for as many locations or items needed.

  • Comes preloaded with items such as ventilators, gowns, masks, face shields and other items. Plus you can add your own.
  • Free to use.
  • Designed to be used without Internet, great for field hospitals and basements where there may be no online coverage.
  • Add your favorite suppliers to the system and place orders as needed.
  • Better than a spreadsheet: Keep track of donations, orders and usage.
  • Keep track of expiration dates, orders, inventory received and inventory issued.

Microsoft Access
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)




IT Impact, Inc

“Alexandru knows Microsoft Access and VBA very well, allowing him to help our clients and receive high marks for his work. His expertise in WordPress will also make him invaluable with any client needing web work. On one project Alexandru helped a client medical billing with payroll records, allowing them to save days off work and see discrepancies immediately. On another project he helped the county clerk’s office website to provide real time election results. We strongly endorse his skills.”

JUAN SOTO - President, IT Impact, Inc

Alex designed my website a few years ago. Even though he’s in Bucharest and I’m in Chicago, and we’ve never met face-to-face, he did a fantastic job and I’ve recommended him to others. He’s an excellent communicator and designer and is very patient. I’ve repeatedly used him for other web related projects.

Charles A. Krugel - Labor & Employment Law on Behalf of Business, Private practice

“Always attentive to detail, a hard worker and very serious at his job, Alexandru was always great to collaborate with, not only fulfilling his required duties, but also giving a lot of attention to details not necessary for his duties, but which made life easier for those of us in other departments. Alexandru deftly managed to handle stressful situations, when tight deadlines had to be met, but did so calmly and in a very professional manner. A great colleague and a recommended hire!”

Marius Comper - Senior Editorial Associate, NewsNow

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