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Charles A. Krugel @ charlesakrugel.com

I’ve had the opportunity to use Alex Mielus’ services a few times over the past few years. Alex designed my website a few years ago. Even though he’s in Bucharest and I’m in Chicago, and we’ve never met face-to-face, he did a fantastic job and I’ve recommended him to others. In short, He’s an excellent communicator and designer, he is very patient and has been an invaluable technical resource. I’ve repeatedly used him for other web related projects and I highly recommend him.

Phillipe Ney

Alex is knowledgeable and hard working, is a highly skilled coder and web designer. He also works fast and respects deadlines.

Ursula Wills-Jones @ desperatemen.com

Alex has been doing our website updates for the last two years. He is always very polite and pleasant to deal with and responds to any requests or changes very speedily. Very good value for money!

Marius Comper, former Content Manager @ Gazeta Sporturilor

Always attentive to detail, a hard worker and very serious at his job, Alexandru was always great to collaborate with, not only fulfilling his required duties, but also giving a lot of attention to details not necessary for his duties, but which made life easier for those of us in other departments.

Alexandru deftly managed to handle stressful situations, when tight deadlines had to be met, but did so calmly and in a very professional manner. A great colleague and a recommended hire!

Luminita Paul, Head of Department @ Gazeta Sporturilor

Alexandru is a very dedicated person, with a solid professional background, attentive to details and a very good colleague.

Oana Dusmanescu, Journalist @ Gazeta Sporturilor

I recommend Alexandru because he is a goal-oriented person, a serious worker, a team player. I always enjoyed working alongside Alexandru, as he is an understanding and efficient colleague.


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