Extras din Newsletter:

CafePress is excited to announce the imminent launch of CafePress LoveMatch™!

Our new dating service will bring you love the same way we’ve brought you T-shirts – customized and on-demand!

CafePress logoFrom our founder and CEO, Fred Durham:

„CafePress members are all about passion; it seemed so natural to come up with a way to help our community find potential mates that share the same interests, hobbies and – of course – passions. I think you’ll find that our unique To-A-T™ match algorithm makes personal connections that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!”

Citind cele de mai sus m-am intrebat: „Ce palaria mea are de-a face un serviciu de imprimare tricouri / obiecte cu datingul?”. Nimic. Ar fi o tampenie sa il lanseze.

Citind insa pana la capat newsletterul dau de:

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably figured out that it’s April 1st and you’re looking for us to confirm that this is an April Fool’s Day joke. Well… OK. Confirmed.

Foarte tare :D

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