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CafePress LoveMatch

Extras din Newsletter:

CafePress is excited to announce the imminent launch of CafePress LoveMatchâ„¢!

Our new dating service will bring you love the same way we’ve brought you T-shirts – customized and on-demand!

CafePress logoFrom our founder and CEO, Fred Durham:

„CafePress members are all about passion; it seemed so natural to come up with a way to help our community find potential mates that share the same interests, hobbies and – of course – passions. I think you’ll find that our unique To-A-Tâ„¢ match algorithm makes personal connections that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!”

Citind cele de mai sus m-am intrebat: „Ce palaria mea are de-a face un serviciu de imprimare tricouri / obiecte cu datingul?”. Nimic. Ar fi o tampenie sa il lanseze.

Citind insa pana la capat newsletterul dau de:

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably figured out that it’s April 1st and you’re looking for us to confirm that this is an April Fool’s Day joke. Well… OK. Confirmed.

Foarte tare big grin

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marți, 1 aprilie 2008, 14:39

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