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NextGEN Gallery setup – all albums within 1 album

I recently came to a problem when releasing the new format of our graffiti gallery, which is using the famous NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe.

I had 216 galleries sorted into 12 albums. I needed to place all albums on one page and from there the user should have gone to the specific album including it’s own galleries.

I searched on WP forums, Alex’s site but I couldn’t find anything of use so when I figured out how to do it I decided to publish this post. Maybe someone will find it useful in the future winking I also took some screenshots to demonstrate how I accomplished it.

  • 1st step
    All albums are on the right side. There you can see is an album called Albums (ID: 4).
  • 2nd step
    Place it inside a new page using the gallery specific code [album=4,compact] (called Graffiti Gallery in my case).
  • 3rd step
    Select the album called Albums from the dropdown menu in the top left. When the page loads drag all albums on the right side in this Albums album (of course except Albums). This way you will have all your albums inside a single album which will be displayed on the main page of your site’s gallery (on the page that you previously created).
  • 4th step
    You can add your galleries in the album you desire.

Now this is very important: EACH gallery and EACH album that you create HAS TO HAVE a page of it’s own so that the actual link in the site to work.

You can see in the last image that you have to go to ” Create new page:” section. Then you select what parent should that gallery page have and push Add page. There you go … the links will now point to that specific gallery and not the main page.

I hope you all understood what I tried to explain. I’m not such a good teacher tongue
Let me know if you have any questions or if you need my help by commenting right here on this page.

miercuri, 24 martie 2010, 14:28

Comentezi ?!?

  1. Andy a scris la 29 aprilie 2010

    Hi, how did you get your albums to be pages?

  2. Alex Mielus a scris la 29 aprilie 2010

    Andy in EACH gallery management page, in your admin, you will see a field called „Create new page:” and a button called „Add Page”. You'll see you even have the pages tree so you can place your galleries on their right spot.

    For albums on the other hand you have to create a page for each of them.
    Create a new page and write something like: [album=album's_ID, compact] where album's_ID is the actual album's ID.

  3. JacobOB a scris la 25 iulie 2010

    Fantastic post, thank you so much for sharing

  4. Alex Mielus a scris la 25 iulie 2010

    Jacob I'm glad some people find it useful winking

  5. Mlabatore a scris la 4 august 2010

    Ok… so I liked your site and and trying to do something similiar to my blog with nextgen. I almost have it working except for the galleries linking. I am missing something here…

    When you are on the Gallery Page and you select your gallery… are you creating the pages before or after? meaning the subpages… if i select after, then I have 2 pages if i hit the create new page. maybe i'm a bit confused…

    also, in my tree that says CREATE NEW PAGE, it also shows all my old deleted pages… maybe a NextGEN bug? if not, I dunno how to fix it and only show my current pages. Right now my Pages Tree looks like a mess….

  6. Alex Mielus a scris la 4 august 2010

    Hello Mlabatore,

    Let's say that you select a gallery named „My gallery”.

    Do you see on the „Page Link to:” field some pages or a tree of pages? If you see them then select „My gallery” and then „Save changes”.

    If you don't see this page then just go to „Create new page:” field select where „My gallery” should be in the tree (on „Main page (No Parent)” or some other page that you have). Push „Add Page” and that's it.

    „all my old deleted pages” you say. Those are all pages from /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page. NextGen shows them there. So I don't think you deleted them happy If you still want to delete them go to /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page and just delete them from there first.

    I created the subpages AFTER I created the main gallery page. Something like this. I created the main continent pages (Europe, Asia). Then countries pages (Romania, France, UK, Japan …winking and after that cities pages.

    So the pages tree looks like this:

       – Romania
          – Bucharest
          – Timisoara
          – Baia Mare
       – France
          – Paris
       – UK
          – London
          – Banksy
       – Japan
          – Tokyo
       – China
       – Vietnam

  7. Mlabatore a scris la 4 august 2010


    Thanks for the quick reply… but it still doesn't work sad My subpages (for the galleries) are not linking correctly, even though I am doing it exactly as you say.

    And I again maybe it has to do with the deleted pages. They are definately deleted and not showing at:


    but they are definately still listed in my NextGEN Admin panel. In fact, no matter what page I delete from my site, they ALWAYS show up in NextGEN. Unless there is a permanently delete button I don't see..

    Send me a private email and I'll let you login to my site and check it out to see if I am just making a mistake somewhere.

    Thanks again for the quick response…

  8. Julie Russell a scris la 5 februarie 2011

    I’ve been building sites with WordPress and NextGEN for a while. I couldn’t have done my current one artolympix.com with 860+ images in 330+ galleries in 40+ albums without your brilliant solution! The site will be launched by the end of February.

  9. Alex Mielus a scris la 5 februarie 2011

    Julie I’m so happy people are finding this and use it to complete their sites!

    Good luck on your future projects.

  10. Driscoll a scris la 9 februarie 2011


    Your page is very helpful!

    I have created an album called portfolio, and it houses my two other albums Theatre and Dance.

    Everything is working great except…. on the Portfolio Page my thumbnails are not loading?

    Any thing you can think of?


  11. Alex Mielus a scris la 10 februarie 2011

    @Driscoll: I see the thumbnails are loading just fine on http://lonestarnyc.com/wordpress/?page_id=186 . What was the problem? Didn’t you set them up in gallery’s page? Am I right? happy

  12. Driscoll a scris la 10 februarie 2011

    The problem isn’t with the thumbnails.
    My problem is that if I click on portfolio, then click on theatre, then click on a show, I am in a subpage of Theatre and not in the page that should have been created for that show.

    if you pick a show out of the subpage it will lead you to the page I created for that show.
    ex. http://lonestarnyc.com/wordpress/?page_id=298

    If you click portfolio, theatre, plays, A Raisin in the sun
    you get all the images, but none of the show info (director producer etc….)
    ex. http://lonestarnyc.com/wordpress/?page_id=255&album=5&gallery=20

    I want to have the show page load with every path you take to get to that show, but I am not sure how to do that unless I start taking galleries out of albums and make pages with all the theatre shows and not sub-category them


  13. Alex Mielus a scris la 10 februarie 2011

    Have you tried in „Gallery settings” -> „Gallery” to switch the „Deactivate gallery page link” ?

  14. Jernej a scris la 28 februarie 2011

    How did you solve the problem of thumbnails not displaying in the „Album of Albums” page?

    I have a similar situation as yourself… top level album (Gallery) with many nested albums (…2009, 2010, 2011…winking which in turn have nested galleries. The problem I cannot seem to solve is that on that top level album NGG simply doesn’t display thumbnails. Individual albums don’t have that problem (2010 for example will show thumbnails for each nested gallery) but there are no thumbnails for 2010 in the top level album. It’s been seriously irritating as I can’t find a solution and without it the whole thing just looks horribly wrong.

  15. Alex Mielus a scris la 1 martie 2011

    Jernej on this page ./wp-admin/admin.php?page=nggallery-manage-album when you select an album from the „Select album” top left drop down menu you can then „Edit Album”.

    In the thickbox-like screen you have „Album name:” / „Album description:” / „Select a preview image:” / „Page Link to”
    Just select a preview image then „OK” and that’s it happy

    Let me know if it works out for you.

  16. Jernej a scris la 3 martie 2011

    Thanks, it sort of works. For some reason I can only choose from a small selection of images rather than what would actually be appropriate for a particular album.

    NGG’s been driving me nuts with some of its functionality. For example I haven’t seen that album edit button before, the slideshow features are horrible etc. Still… I haven’t found anything better yet.

  17. Steve Crooks a scris la 18 aprilie 2011

    Well done Alex – that was a great help – thanks a lot

  18. Alexandru MieluÅŸ a scris la 18 aprilie 2011

    Thank you Steve! I am glad some people find it useful winking

  19. amber a scris la 27 august 2011


  20. Rizwan Tarar a scris la 23 septembrie 2011

    thnks it works for me too

  21. Gilbert a scris la 8 martie 2012


    I have created a main album and dragged in it the sub albums which have galleries in it. Then I created a page with the main album inserted as well as the sub page with the sub album and gallery pages. so all albums and galleries have a page. however from the main page i get page not found. How can I link the main album page to the main album? I can only link pages to galleries.

  22. Alex Mielus a scris la 8 martie 2012

    Gilbert did you create a page with the code for the main album?
    [album=4, compact]
    … where 4 is the ID of your main album.

    If you did go to „Gallery settings” in admin and make sure „Deactivate gallery page link” is NOT checked.

    Let me know if that worked.

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