I recently came to a problem when releasing the new format of our graffiti gallery, which is using the famous NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe.

I had 216 galleries sorted into 12 albums. I needed to place all albums on one page and from there the user should have gone to the specific album including it’s own galleries.

I searched on WP forums, Alex’s site but I couldn’t find anything of use so when I figured out how to do it I decided to publish this post. Maybe someone will find it useful in the future ;) I also took some screenshots to demonstrate how I accomplished it.

  • 1st step
    All albums are on the right side. There you can see is an album called Albums (ID: 4).
  • 2nd step
    Place it inside a new page using the gallery specific code [album=4,compact] (called Graffiti Gallery in my case).
  • 3rd step
    Select the album called Albums from the dropdown menu in the top left. When the page loads drag all albums on the right side in this Albums album (of course except Albums). This way you will have all your albums inside a single album which will be displayed on the main page of your site’s gallery (on the page that you previously created).
  • 4th step
    You can add your galleries in the album you desire.

Now this is very important: EACH gallery and EACH album that you create HAS TO HAVE a page of it’s own so that the actual link in the site to work.

You can see in the last image that you have to go to ” Create new page:” section. Then you select what parent should that gallery page have and push Add page. There you go … the links will now point to that specific gallery and not the main page.

I hope you all understood what I tried to explain. I’m not such a good teacher :P
Let me know if you have any questions or if you need my help by commenting right here on this page.